Rendergun kit

RENDERGUN is a lightweight, rugged tool, powered by compressed air, for rapidly applying any kind of render.

A variety of finishes can be achieved and the render can be left as applied or finished conventionally with a wooden or steel float.

Much simpler than a dedicated plastering machine for spray-applied plaster, Rendergun is also more versatile, it can be used to apply all sorts of coatings.

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Rendergun kit Rendergun kit - nozzles Rendergun kit - box

Latest Price: £381.81 + VAT

The regulator is £140.00 + VAT

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Rendergun isn’t just for applying render, it can be used to apply all sorts of coatings including:

  • Insulation
  • Protective coatings
  • Shelter coat
  • Pebble dash
Rendergun in use